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As your business grows so does your headcount and with increasing employee numbers comes a whole new set of challenges and priorities. The obvious solution is for you to have a HR team, but there seems more and more to do as they are forced to focus on reactive HR, disciplinaries, grievances, sickness absence and recruitment. This leaves little time to focus on engagement, retention, training, the stuff of HR that will really impact your bottom line. Our HR flexible, fixed-fee support empowers small teams to compliantly deal with employee issues whilst still making the best commercial decisions for your business.

Managing people compliantly

You can often feel like you need a bit of everything to complement your in-house HR team; unlimited advice line, template letters and useful resources, an extra pair of hands to make a decision on those complex employee relation cases, ER case management software to keep track of everything, a training programme for managers and staff, a new Performance Management framework, the list can go on.

Flexible fixed-fee support

Our flexible fixed-fee support is tailored to suit your needs and budget making sure you deliver on every element of HR. The unlimited advice line that gives you the peace of mind knowing that there is someone on the end of the line to support you, there as a sounding board and to guide you through the most usual situations. To dealing with the most complex of disciplinary and grievances as a decision maker or launching a complete business culture overhaul.

What's included in our flexible, fixed-fee HR support

  • Advice Line

    AfterAthena provides a subscription that’s perfectly tailored to your business, which means that you get unlimited expert HR and employment law advice, our packages are built especially for you.


    What topics can AfterAthena advise on?

    Anything and everything, if it’s related to people management and employment law then we can assist. There’s no such thing as a silly question, our HR and employment law experts are there to act as a sounding board or guide you through the most complex issues, and everything in between. We aren’t just there to support you with employee relations issues. We’ll also advise you on proactive HR initiatives, sharing our experience and expertise with you so you can implement the best solution for your business.


    Will my query be dealt with by the same person?

    We will assign a dedicated team to your organisation, and you’ll have access to them via their direct line. Our HR and employment law experts will take the time to understand your company, your approach, your goals, along with the any problems you might be facing.

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  • AfterAthena Hub

    The AfterAthena Hub has everything you need to run your day-to-day HR function; HR guidance notes, template letters and policies, training videos, along with AI tools to draft letters, policies, job descriptions and investigation questions. You can also access the case advice and access optional Occupational Health and e-learning, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

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  • e-Learning

    Employment course topics include equality and diversity, sexual harassment, social media, communication, leadership, anti-money laundering, Bribery Act and GDPR. And health and safety topics such as accident reporting, risk assessment and first aid.

    On-site HR Support

    We support you with employee relations case work support, from note taking to HR procedural support. We can act as an independent decision maker for a range of processes, including disciplinaries, grievances and capability hearings.

    Day-to-day HR guidance

    We give you practical support and advice on all employee matters, as well as drafting tailored documents, policies and procedures.

    Training and mentoring

    We develop and deliver a range of group training, 1-2-1mentoring and coaching for line managers and HR teams to help them effectively manage common HR issues and support their team.

    Strategic HR Planning

    We work with you to create a HR strategy that aligns with your organisation’s overall strategic vision in order to achieve long-term business goals. We can help implement and support specific HR projects, such as performance management, engagement and recruitment.

    Business change support

    We guide you through change processes and policy and can support with any reorganisation, redundancy, TUPE or consultation matters.

    Dispute Resolution

    If alternative forms of dispute resolution fail, settlement agreements may be the only viable solution. However, negotiating one can be daunting – that’s why we’re here to make the process as painless as possible, as well as help you avoid legal pitfalls along the way.

    Whether you have an employee who’s consistently underperforming or who isn’t suitable for your team, causing disruption and impacting negatively on team output, we can steer you through the legal requirements and iterative processes that need to be followed to deliver the settlement so that you can sever ties and move forward positively.


    HR Audits

    Want to ensure your organisation is compliant with HR best practice and latest employment law developments? Keen to understand your strengths and weaknesses, protect your organisation, and improve the efficiency of your HR system? Then you need a HR audit.

    Policies, procedures, practices. Get a systematic health check of how you’re performing from a people management perspective and take your HR function to the next level with support from AfterAthena.

    Investigations, hearings and appeals

    There are many components to a fair disciplinary or grievance process. If you’re not comfortable conducting investigations, hearings and appeals yourself, or are simply strapped for time, our seasoned HR specialists can offer on-site support to take the pressure off. We can conduct the meetings for you or, if you prefer, attend them with you to provide expert guidance and reassurance.


    Mediation and facilitation

    Resolving a workplace dispute or repairing a working relationship that has gone sour isn’t always easy. At AfterAthena we can provide mediation or facilitation services to help two or more individuals or groups reach a solution that is acceptable to everyone.

    We can help those involved understand each other’s perspectives, clarify potential options, and develop an appropriate action plan for the parties to follow – allowing you to move forward positively.

    Organisational change

    Got big plans for your organisation over the next 12 months to three years? Then you might need to rethink and right-size your organisation to make sure your structure and skillset aligns with your aims.

    If you’re not sure where to start with a task of this scale, our skilled HR Consultants can support you through the reorganisation process and ensure your workforce is set up for future success.


    Staff surveys

    There’s only one way to truly evaluate your workforce’s feelings towards your organisation as a place of work, and that’s by asking them. Our staff surveys provide an effective and transparent measure of employee engagement.


    After identifying your objectives, we can help you design, implement and analyse your survey. Done effectively, this can enhance your relationship with your employees, address critical issues and direct organisational growth.

    Training and organisation development

    Equipping your staff with the right skills fortifies your organisation and maximises its success.

    Our trainers will apply fresh thinking to your operational and strategic challenges and offer innovative solutions to address your training requirements. Sharing their skills and knowledge, they will facilitate productive and insightful events to enhance your business’s management and leadership capability.



    Hiring the right people can measurably propel your organisation towards success. Using proven methods, we can maximise your chances of attracting, sourcing, selecting and retaining the most talented personnel.


    If you’re spending too much time and money on your recruitment, or struggling to get quality candidates through the process expediently, our outsourced recruitment offerings are suitable for one-off senior-level hires or even for us managing all your annual vacancies in one place.

    Welfare and medical capability meetings

    When dealing long-term absence or persistent short-term absences, care must be taken to avoid being found liable for unlawful discrimination.

    If you have concerns about an employee’s ability to undertake their role effectively, our seasoned HR Consultants can take care of all formal meetings for you and help you to do the right thing by your people and your business.

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  • Employee Relations

    When it comes to employee disciplinaries, grievances, sickness and performance issues, it can be real problem when you have no team to help unravel these. You might also be a smaller business who simply doesn’t have the bodies on the ground to get involved in each stage of the process.

    AfterAthena can take this headache away from you and handle these issues from start to finish, making a decision on your behalf (and even appearing in employment tribunal if called as a witness) or simply being by your side in meetings as HR support to make sure all the Is are dotted and the Ts

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  • HR Audit

    What is it?

    The HR audit is a comprehensive assessment of the HR function in the organisation. Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the function and how the organisation manages and supports it’s people through the employee lifecycle.

    How is the audit carried out?

    A HR Consultant will review a sample of documents and policies, along with gather feedback and insight from a cohort of leaders, managers and the employees of the organisation. Discussions with the HR team will take place to understand the processes and procedures and the HR resource and capability available.

    The benefits

    A comprehensive output report is provided which details the findings and recommendations using a RAG rating, observations of the HR structure are included, along with a personalised high level HR strategy.


    The HR Audit is suitable for all sizes of businesses at any stage of their journey. If you are starting out it is useful to understand how HR can support your business growth for the future, a more established business may want to ensure that the HR function is suitable for its needs. Your organisation may be at the stage where it is preparing for sale or acquisition, in which case the HR audit is perfect.

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  • HR Project Support

    There are so many areas that HR can make a difference in, but quite often there never seems to be enough time in the day to do those seemingly never ending tasks. If you are thinking that you want to kick things up a notch, our HR project support can lead your business through restructure, TUPE, culture change along with improving retention, engagement and profitability of your business, by managing change.

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  • Training

    Managers have a lot of plates to spin and managing their team can often feel  overwhelming, if they don’t have the right skills. It could be you have someone who has been identified as one to watch, they have recently been promoted or are long-standing manager who needs a refresher.

    Whatever, stage of their journey our training services can provide vital people management skills to ensure you are getting the best out of you teams, working efficiently, handling issues quickly and doing the right thing by the business and the workforce.

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Who you'll be working with

Jenny Winstanley

Head of HR Consultancy

Jade McEvoy

Employee Relations Advisor

Emma Christian

People Consultant

Mia Finley

People Advisor

Support tailored to your needs

Whether you are a business owner going it alone or a HR professional managing a big team, we’ve got you covered.

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Your own dedicated team of legal experts and tools to manage people issues compliantly makes our HR fixed-fee support perfect for those without in-house support.

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Big HR Team

Hands-on consultancy combined with the latest technology and ER advice makes our HR flexible fixed-fee support ideal solution for small teams looking to improve HR processes and ensure compliance.

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