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When it comes to managing employee issues, lacking the necessary knowledge and expertise can leave you feeling uncertain and ill-prepared. That’s why our fixed-fee employment law support blends legal expertise with commercial awareness, making it ideal for businesses without an in-house employment law team.

Managing people compliantly

From common issues such as sickness and absence to more complex exercises like redundancy, our personalised fixed-fee support provides you with your own small team of qualified experts, plus all the help and tools you need to relieve the pressures of people management.

Employment solicitor advising a UK employer

Access to resources

We will provide you with access to our innovative AfterAthena Hub. This is a next generation, mobile first platform that provides game changing AI tools that can draft letters, polices and investigation questions amongst other use types.  It provides a comprehensive access to template letters, insight documents, facts sheets, guidance notes and videos.  The app is also a messaging platform that enables you to easily communicate with your team of AfterAthena experts.

What's included in our fixed-fee Employment Law support

  • Advice Line

    AfterAthena provides a subscription that’s perfectly tailored to your company, from ‘banked hours’ to unlimited expert advice, our packages are built especially for you.

    What subjects can AfterAthena advise on?

    We provide advice and resources on issues such as redundancy, underperformance, absenteeism and many other delicate issues. AfterAthena supports your organisation through every step of a process, to ensure you get the best resolution for any given situation.

    Will everything be dealt with by one team?

    Of course. We assign you a dedicated team of employment law experts who will take the time to understand your company inside out, along with the problems you might be facing.

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  • AfterAthena Hub

    The AfterAthena Hub has everything you need to run your day-to-day HR function; HR guidance notes, template letters and policies, training videos, along with AI tools to draft letters, policies, job descriptions and investigation questions. You can also access the case advice and access optional Occupational Health and e-learning, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

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  • Drafting Letters and Documents

    At AfterAthena we provide templates and assistance for any form of correspondence, from extensive grievance outcome documents to attendance warnings. Our experts can protect you and your team from any threats you might accidentally leave yourself open to.

    Which documents can we draft for you?

    Our employment law experts are well versed in drafting redundancy, written warnings, updated contract clauses, settlements and new policies.

    AfterAthena is adopting a world-leading no-code document automation platform (MENT), which will allow you to automate and generate template contracts  of employment and a settlement agreement. This builds on our vision to partner with you to ensure efficient ways of working and ensuring legal support is delivered in a tech enabled way providing great value.

    In addition to the automation and generation of standard template contracts of employment, we will be able to provide full automation of your bespoke internal contracts of employment on a world-leading no-code document automation platform.

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  • Contracts and Handbooks

    At AfterAthena we have experts on hand to inspect and correct all your vital documents to make sure you can move forward with confidence; knowing your contracts are fit for purpose.

    What are the consequences of having incorrect contracts in place?

    Failing to provide contracts to your employees could result in your company paying additional compensation on top of any compensation an employee may receive, if they are successful with a case against the business. Incorrect contracts can also lead to under or over paying employees as well as failing to protect business interests when an employee joins a competitor.

    When should you review your HR policies?

    Changes in UK employment legislation should mean changes in your policies. Your AfterAthena team will ensure all necessary contracts, policies and handbooks are updated immediately with the relevant changes.

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  • e-Learning

    AfterAthena provides access to a wide range of e-learning training courses that are designed to embed long-term cultures of compliance.

    What types of courses are available?

    Employment course topics include equality and diversity, sexual harassment, social media, communication, leadership, anti-money laundering, Bribery Act and GDPR. And health and safety topics such as accident reporting, risk assessment and first aid.

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  • Legal Expenses Insurance

    By combining our employment law advice with Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) you have the best protection against costly employee claims.

    Why is LEI so vital?

    LEI insurance is always advised as tribunal costs can be excessive, with basic cases such as unfair dismissal cases costing up to £25,000.

    Are Employee Tribunals handled by AfterAthena ?

    Yes, in the event that your company receives a claim, you should inform your team of Employment Law experts who include litigation experts. Any preparation work, defence statements, bundles and legal advice will be produced to ensure you get the result you deserve.

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Support tailored to your needs

Whether you’re managing a small or big HR team, we’ve got you covered.

Small HR Team

Hands-on consultancy combined with the latest technology and ER advice makes our flexible fixed-fee support the ideal solution for small teams looking to improve processes and ensure compliance.

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Big HR Team

Even the biggest of teams can benefit from expert support. Our fusion of SRA-regulated employment law advice with ER case management technology is designed to take big teams to the next level.

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