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HR Community – August

August 6

Incorporating ESG and CSR initiatives into the employee lifecycle
Make sure you’ve downloaded our AfterAthena App and mark your calendars for 6th August 2024, for the release of our pre-recorded HR Community session, where we will explore the key reasons for ensuring HR has a place in the development and delivery of your organisation’s ESG initiatives and CSR strategy.

In this HR Community session, we will be joined by Chris King, Senior Associate Solicitor for AfterAthena, who will provide us with details of supporting these initiatives through internal networks as well as how this lends itself to the management of people from an Employment Law angle. We will also be joined by Gary Buckett, Head of Health and Safety here at AfterAthena. Gary will talk us through the vital link between Health and Safety and the role HR professionals play in ensuring ESG and CSR initiatives are present within their people practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the strategic advantages of embracing ESG and CSR frameworks and learn how to position your organisation at the forefront of sustainable business practices. As with every HR Community session, you are provided with a safe and supportive space to connect, share experiences and raise questions for both your personal and professional development.

For anyone that is interested in submitting a question in advance of the session please email hr@afterathena.co.uk by Thursday 4th July.