Protect & Prepared; Ready to respond and know what to do in the event of an attack?

The tireless campaign of Figen Murray, whose son Martyn who was killed in the Manchester Arena attack, has made a significant impact to upcoming changes to UK legislation.

The AfterAthena team recognise the need to expand our guidance and proactively support this new journey for many sectors and provide a pathway to meet the incoming regulations.

The importance to ensure people are safe and secure has led to the introduction of ‘Martyn’s Law’; The Terrorism Bill, requires identified industry sectors who directly and/or indirectly engage with the public to consider Life Safety through a consistent approach.

A single attack has the potential to have significant financial impact, in the range of tens to hundreds of millions of pounds. The cost of terrorism in the UK from 2004 to 2016 is estimated to have cost (direct and indirect costs) £43.7 billion (2022 prices).

Over the next 18 months many businesses will be required to maintain a certain standard of preparedness and protective safety. The AfterAthena H&S Team will be on hand to offer bespoke opportunities to prepare:

•             Practicable solutions to improve protective security and preparedness.

•             Security Risk (threat) Assessment.

•             Security Plan requirements.

•             Emergency Management Procedures (including Business Continuity).

•             relevant training, on the threat posed, and the response that should be taken.

•             Collaborative support with others (surrounding businesses).

Who does this impact? Locations used for entertainment, leisure, retail, food and drink, museums and galleries, sports grounds, public areas of local and central government buildings, visitor attractions, temporary events, places of worship, health, and education.

Through a tiered structure, depending on floor capacity, companies shall qualify into a standard or enhanced tier (varying level of planning requirements).

This Bill will be regulated and the AfterAthena Team intend to support submissions, eliminating non-compliance, sanctions, or even financial penalty implications.

To keep up to speed on the progress of this Bill or to find out more about opportunities available to best support individual business profiles, contact the AfterAthena Health and Safety Team for further information.