Managers feel unsupported, what can HR do

With a new survey revealing significant numbers of managers in companies say they feel overwhelmed with routine responsibilities and are unable to carry out their role to a maximum efficiency, what can be done to support them and the business.

Emma Christian, people consultant from employment law, HR and health and safety firm AfterAthena looks at how HR and company leadership teams can provide the support managers need to develop their skillset.

“The results are not surprising. The survey clearly highlights a critical issue where companies still find themselves promoting people because they are good at what they do without the missing ingredient – upskilling.

“This sentiment suggests a universal problem that requires leadership and HR to enable managers to focus on people management, rather than being bogged down by day-to-day duties.

“HR and company leadership should consider ways to support managers, by implementing some initiatives which could include:

  • Streamlining admin tasks by automating or delegating routine tasks away from the manager’s responsibilities
  • Providing clear policies and guidance by ensuring there are easily accessible policies and procedures to support managers with people processes
  • Conducting regular training and providing suitable resources to enable managers to understand how to implement policies and procedures effectively and in a consistent manner
  • Providing enhanced support systems through mentoring and coaching programs to support the sharing of experience and best practice
  • Making feedback the norm, by encouraging regular check-ins to pick up an any issues before they escalate and give managers a platform to communicate their needs
  • Offer professional development by providing continuous learning opportunities to support managers in their personal growth

“By implementing some of these initiatives, companies could significantly reduce the burden on managers and instead enable them to focus on activities that will add value and support their business to achieve their objectives, with the added bonus of job satisfaction.”