Immigration fees set to rise 

On 13 July 2023, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that visa application fees and the immigration health surcharge will rise significantly, despite high inflation and wider pressures facing the UK economy.

The announcement came in response to the Prime Minister’s speech on the increase in public sector wages. The Prime Minister confirmed that part of the funding for the wage increase (£1bn) will be raised from the non-UK nationals who come to the UK, to live and work.

All work and visit visa fees will rise by 15% and all other visa fees will rise by at least 20%, although we do not know when the fee increases will be implemented.

In addition, the immigration health surcharge will also rise significantly. This is the fee that non-UK nationals pay to access the NHS. Visa applicants currently pay £624 per person, per year. This will rise to £1,035 per person, per year (a 66% increase).

The current visa fees can be viewed here:

This news will not help UK businesses who are already struggling to recruit, or those trying to promote the UK as a top destination for top talent.