HR Community – October

| August 21, 2023

An open forum for HR professionals or those who wear a HR hat, to share the challenges you are experiencing and identify opportunities you have found. We will also have the opportunity to share best practice, network and offer support to fellow professionals.

Safeguarding People in the Workplace

Employers have a legislative and moral duty of care to their employees and apprentices. This includes supporting the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of all. For any organisation that is providing apprenticeships or  mental health first aid style initiatives, it is essential that they have a safeguarding policy and appropriate training in place.

There are a range of significant risks for employers without robust safeguarding arrangements and mental health and wellbeing initiatives. These can include high rates of sickness or absence, employee stress, poor mental health, physical or emotional harm, discrimination and presenteeism- whereby employees are working whilst unwell and therefore unlikely to perform to their fully ability.

This session will explore what a culture of safety means to a workplace, the roles and responsibilities of the employer and how to put a safeguarding framework in place.

Rachael Bishop, Managing Director at RLB Safeguarding Ltd

Joining the session will be Rachael Bishop, Managing Director of RLB Safeguarding Ltd. Rachael initially founded the company in 2020 with the main aim to support businesses and organisations to understand their duty of care towards keeping people of all ages safe.  The company was created after Rachael spent many years working in the local authority in front line child and adult protection services and in many other public service roles, leading on to Corporate Management positions.

Rachael has over 19 years of experience in the safeguarding field including child and adult social care, HR, higher and further education, primary and secondary education, the NHS, mental health services, the prison service, the police, substance misuse services, domestic abuse services, and the youth offending service.