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HR Community – July

July 19, 2023
10:30 - 11:30

An open forum for HR professionals or those who wear a HR hat, to share the challenges you are experiencing and identify opportunities they have found. There is also the opportunity to share best practice, network and offer support to fellow professionals.


Implementing a Wellbeing Strategy using IT (Technology)

Wellbeing strategies have traditionally consisted of implementing employee assistance programmes and insurance plans to ensure employees have reactive support to any issues. Fast forward to 2023 and the landscape has changed. There are so many different initiatives from workshops, webinars, events, first aider courses, mindfulness apps, content libraries and surveying tools. The issue is how do all these elements fit into an efficient wellbeing strategy and how do we evidence a measurable impact on the employees within an organisation.

Join Charlie Winton, the founder of OK Positive to discuss how to integrate technology effectively into a wellbeing strategy and maximise the positive impact on employee wellbeing. After working in the recruitment and technology sales sectors, Charlie experienced severe mental health issues at work. Through this lived-experience he created a mental health platform that focused on preventative support for individuals both in and out of the workplace. Three years on in this journey he has experienced both the successes and challenges within Wellbeing and HR communities and is looking forward to sharing this information.