AfterAthena introduces world-leading platform to support clients

AfterAthena clients will now benefit from next-generation no-code automation tool after it joined forces with one of the world’s leading document automation platforms.

World-leading no-code document automation platform M-Files Ment will allow AfterAthena’s clients to easily generate HR documents, including template contracts of employment, apprenticeship agreements and settlement agreements.

The standard automated documents service come as part of the employment law retained service, but can also be purchased as a standalone product if required.

AfterAthena can also work with clients on creating fully bespoke automated documents for their businesses. The bespoke automated documents service will ensure the standard automated documents and clauses are tailored to the specific needs of our clients’ businesses.

AfterAthena understands the importance of adapting to changes in technology and aims to provide a service that is innovative and beneficial to our clients.

Ment automated documents allow our clients to create contracts in a fast and easy way, making tasks less time consuming and removing the human error in manually editing documents.

This move supports the Napthens Group’s vision to provide great value to clients and be known for its outstanding client relationships, through all its business services.

Chris Boyle, head of AfterAthena and head of employment at Napthens, said: “There is growing pressure on business leaders, directors and HR professionals to make HR processes simple, fast and effective – an integral part of that is legal services.

“M-Files Ment will help AfterAthena’s clients use the latest technology to create and update important documents, wherever they are in the world.

“With standard and bespoke options available, HR professionals will benefit from this innovative technology to provide a smooth service for their business, with the flexibility that AfterAthena allows.

“Technology is supporting advances in the support we provide, and by partnering with organisations like M-Files, we will enable professionals to quickly and easily draft relevant documents, making their lives easier in the process.”

M-Files Ment removes the barriers of complex document automation processes, minimises manual work processes and creates new revenue streams and cost savings for legal professionals.

Kaisa Kromhof, vice president of M-Files Ment, said: “We are pleased to be working with AfterAthena to deliver an innovative client-facing service that utilises M-Files Ment to generate complex data-driven documents speedily and consistently.

“We applaud AfterAthena’s client-centric approach and know its use of M-Files Ment will support the wider provision of outstanding service to clients.

“By being at the forefront of client-facing legal technology innovation, AfterAthena will be able to use the M-Files Ment solution to help deliver a bespoke service that clients within the legal industry need now, and in the future.

“It has never been more vital to heighten productivity in handling ever-increasing volumes of contracts and critical documents. We’ll continue to work together to improve the experience businesses face and help HR professionals do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible.”

How do clients and businesses find out more about this service? Visit our website where you can watch a short video explaining further about the service including a short demo of how the technology will look for you as clients. You can also speak with a member of the AfterAthena team for further information.